OPERASTUDIO  is an Architectural firm founded in 2007 in Milan by Camillo Magni and Lucia Paci, who share a passion for  architecture, design, the construction processes and teaching.  The practice of Operastudio focuses on residential, commercial and institutional projects by providing full architectural, master planning  and interior design services. The extended collaborative team of Operastudio provides a wide range of highly qualified capabilities and resources that cannot be found internally in most firms, and enables Operastudio to deliver successful projects of any magnitude. In addition, Operastudio engages in teaching and research at an academic level that promotes consistent growth and innovation due to the continuous exchange of ideas and methodology with global institutions. In 2013, Operastudio expanded its international presence by opening in New York City, in line with its vision to provide world-class architectural services at a global scale. Architecture is the target of our research; the quality, beauty and comfort of living spaces are permanent horizons of our work. Dedication and enthusiasm fuel our daily pursuits.


Camillo Magni

Milan, 1973. He studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and at ESTA, Madrid. In 2006, he obtained his PhD in architectural design at Politecnico of Milan where he has been acting as Assistant Professor in several architectural design courses since 2001 (Leonardo and Bovisa). In 2006, he was appointed Adjunct Professor of architectural design. In 2004, he participated in the international research project Casapartes to build low cost housing in Latin America. He is the president of “Architectes Sans Frontiers – Italy” and his working experiences took him to Argentina, Paraguay, Guatemala, Ghana, Egypt and Cambodia. At the moment, he is the Western European Coordinator of Union Internationale des Architectes – UIA. In 2007, he founded OperaStudio, an Architectural Design firm in Milan with Lucia Paci.

Lucia Paci

Arezzo, 1977. She studied architecture at the Politecnico of Milan. Since 2003 she has been collaborating with the Department of Architecture of Politecnico of Milan on several residential projects. She obtained her phD in architectural design in 2007. Her ph.D thesis was about “The relationship between form and funcion in the residential design”. Since 2003 she has been acting as Assistant Professor in several architectural design courses. In 2009, she was appointed Adjunct Professor of architectural drawing and in 2012 Adjunct Professor of architectural design. In 2007, she founded OperaStudio, an Architectural Design firm in Milan with Camillo Magni.

Ilaria Pedrini

Bergamo, 1987. She joined Operastudio in 2013, quickly establishing herself as a key member of the team. As the current project manager, plays an essential role in overseeing and coordinating the firm’s various architectural projects. Her architectural education began at Politecnico di Milano, where she received a comprehensive foundation in the field. Seeking to broaden her knowledge and experience she spent a year studying abroad at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and further expanded her expertise by working in New York. Dedication and passion for architecture make her an invaluable member of the Operastudio.


Arch. Daniele Di Stasi
Arch. Marta Ferri
Arch. Sonia Ferro
Arch. Erica Furlan
Arch. Elisabetta Negri
Arch. Giulia Resmini
Arch. Omar Rota
Arch. Giuseppe Tagliabue

past collaborators

Arch. Francesca Calliari
Arch. Paolo Capellini
Arch. Federico Casati
Arch. Rossella Donetti
Arch. Elisabetta Fusar Poli
Arch. Beatrice Galimberti
Arch. Martina Geroni
Arch. Stefano Grigoletto
Arch. Anna Gueorguieva
Arch. Salvatore Guzzo
Arch. Oriella Innamorato
Arch. Marta Minetti
Arch. Mauro Monguzzi
Arch. Claudio Natalini
Arch. Stefano Nicolini
Arch. Francesco Nobili
Arch. Antonio Quadros
Arch. Carlo Alberto Tagliabue
Arch. Andrea Zecchetti
Arch. Luca Zen
Arch. Vardan Serafimov

business developer

Arch. Luis Diaz